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Dry cleaning of fur and leather

Dry cleaning of fur and leather by «AQUAMARINE»: only you and our master will know the history of your clothes

A soft coat, a fluffy vest, a pleasant to the touch jacket, or a classic leather pencil skirt - your favorite things give warmth and comfort in any weather. But life is such that the most expensive and solid clothing is the most whimsical to care for.

Caught in the piercing January rain or a nasty stain suddenly sat on an expensive leather dress? Do not rush to write off the accounts, and even more so do not try to clean the fur and skin yourself!

If trouble has occurred and dirt is visible to the naked eye, if a leather jacket or warm coat simply lost its freshness, then it's time to contact the AQUAMARINE dry cleaning service in Vyshneve / Kryukovshchina - we will return the original look to your favorite things!

Carefully clean, carefully updated

Fur and leather products require special care and dry cleaning using special equipment and proven preparations.

How we clean whimsical fur and leather products:

  • Each thing has its own approach and its own chemicals. Only an experienced technologist will determine what will return your original leather jacket or fur collar. Avaricious pays twice, you do not want to say goodbye to an expensive thing? 

Our masters unerringly prescribe “restorative procedures” – your favorite clothes get a new life.

  • Dry-cleaning of fur and leather is also a complex of preventive measures. We treat the product with special water-repellent components to maintain the longer shine of the fur and elasticity of the skin. Only after professional dry cleaning will your clothes really be protected from autumn-winter rain and snow.
  • Size matters, and we strictly follow this rule. Accurate dry cleaning of expensive leather and fur products does not allow shrinkage or deformation. We make sure that the item retains its original color and size. Just carefully restore the scuffs and polish, taking into account the nobleness and exclusivity of the product.

And yes, the AQUAMARINE dry-cleaning of fur and leather in Vyshneve / Kryukovschina is not just about fur coats and jackets or jackets. We bring to life hats and vests on fur, leather shoes, and any leather clothes - shirts, skirts, sundresses, dresses, as well as bags.