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ЖК "Евромисто" Kryukovschina (Kyiv)

«Aquamarine» comfort service

A new approach to consumer services

AQUAMARINE “all in one” comfort service: dry cleaning, laundry, sewing studio. What are you looking for?

A nasty stain sat on my favorite blouse and, it seems, home remedies are powerless here?

A pile of bed linen awaits its turn to the laundry, but hands do not reach?

Or is it time to deal with the blot on the carpet, but there is no strength and desire to mess around with this?

We will take care of you – AQUAMARINE comfort service revives the traditions of integrated consumer services:

  • Wash and iron clothes – spend time with benefit, and give the routine to the machines. We have a laundry room with professional equipment that carefully and efficiently copes with the task.
  • We carry out aqua and dry cleaning of clothes – give a second life to your favorite things. Not a single speck will escape the experienced eye of a master technologist. We use proven stain removers and leave no chance for even hopeless soiling.
  • We repair clothes from any materials, restore leather products, and sew to order – our craftsmen will return the lost chic to old things and create new ones according to your taste and desire.
  • We clean furniture and carpets – a “home” dry cleaning of a carpet or upholstered furniture can ruin an expensive thing forever. Why take the risk? Our experts use only proven and safe drugs. Modern technology and facilities for carpet and furniture work wonders.
  • We serve the business – our own laundry and dry cleaning for restaurants, hotels, and beauty salons – this is an additional cost for staff and expensive equipment. Why pay more? Trust in professionals and do only your own business.

AQUAMARINE is a comprehensive service in one place – give us your worries, live to the fullest!

Busy again? We are going to you: free laundry and dry cleaning for residents of Euromist (Kryukovschina, Vyshneve) and Kyiv

The doors of the AQUAMARINE Comfort Service are open for you in the Euromisto residential complex. But if you don’t have time and desire to be distracted by everyday routine, call the courier at home – free delivery of the order is the maximum of comfort!

The service is available for the Kyiv -Svyatoshinsky district (Kryukovschina, Vyshneve, Hatne, Tarasovka, Yurovka, and nearby settlements) and parts of Kyiv – use it!

Our customers most often order

For us, there are no secondary orders and insoluble tasks. We understand your problems and value your time. When contacting AQUAMARINE, be sure that the task will be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether it is dry cleaning of things, carpets, furniture, or laundry services.

We love exquisite things
we value impeccable service and we always felt sorry for the time spent on household chores

Therefore we created AQUAMARINE


  • Delicate handling

    One of our main advantages is good specialists in washing, stain removal, and ironing.

  • Safe detergents

    Our detergents are ecological, safe for health, do not contain phosphates, chlorine, caustic acids, and other substances harmful to health.

  • Modern equipment

    Our laundry workshop is equipped with modern and high-quality equipment, which allows for more efficient and gentle care.